Work more, pay less: a desk according to your needs

You would like to have your own office, get out of your basement, stop spending your days in various noisy cafes, but are not ready to commit for a 5-year lease?

Le402 offers you several coworking solutions in the open area, adapted to your needs.


1 desk available now


You do not want to work in one place, but sometimes need a casual office?

Our part-time plan, allowing you to book a desk for the day, is perfect for you. No commitment, you book when the need is felt.

This plan is also offered to students who want to study in a quiet place. With a valid student card, rental is at $ 10/day.

The rental includes a non dedicated workstation in the open area, free wifi, and free coffee. Available on request, Monday to Friday, between 9am to 4 pm.

Subject to availability. Email us to check there is a desk available.

MONTHLY PLAN (250$/month)

You are more serious in your work, but do not want to commit for a full year? The monthly plan is for you.

You will have a dedicated workstation with an L-shaped table in the open area, where you can leave your things when you leave, accessible 24/7 with your own key and alarm code. In addition, you have 10h of studio rental and 10h for the conference room per month.  Also enjoy free wifi and free coffee, along with access to our lounge and kitchen.

ANNUAL PLAN (200$/month)

Your business is stable, has been around for a while, and you want to commit for a year to get better rates? Opt for our annual plan: a dedicated L-shaped workstation with storage, 24/7 access with your own key and alarm code, and a better rate than the monthly plan.

The first and last month of rental are required at the time of registration. Like the monthly plan, you benefit from the same benefits: 10 hours of rental time for the conference room per month and 10 hours for the studio, free wifi and coffee, access to our lounge and kitchen.