LAST UPDATED : September 2021


Here are the “Studio rules” you need to read BEFORE YOUR SHOOT.
They have been recently updated, so PLEASE take the time to read them.

You agree to follow these rules by renting the space.



The exact address is : 8815 ave. du Parc, suite 402 Mtl H2N 1Y7

There is an elevator, but you still need to climb about 7-8 steps to get to it from the street, so it is not accessible to wheelchairs.

The door of the studio is on the 4th floor, on your left when you go out the elevator. 

STUDIO A1st door in the corridor

STUDIO B: 2nd door in the corridor


PLEASE NOTE : Between 7pm and 8am, the main door downstairs is locked for security reason.  If you leave after 7pm, be sure to bring everything down because you won’t be able to come back in once you get out.


Once you get to the door, you’ll see a keypad next to it (for both studios).
Your code will be sent to you by email before your shoot.  Please contact us if you don’t get anything at least 24h before your shoot (and check your junkmail).

The code will unlock the door and disarm  the alarm system

CAREFUL : the door automatically locks, so you will have to redo the code if you go out (DON’T jam the door open or the alarm will go off after a few minutes).


Please remove your shoes when going in, as the floor is light and a pain to clean 😉
There is a mop and broom near the kitchen if needed. Any marks need to be cleaned up before you leave or you will be charged an extra for cleaning fees

Once inside :

  • light switches are on your left on the wall when you get in (turn on only the STUDIO A lights)
  • wifi code is near the light switches
  • bathroom is in the corridor; the key is on the wall near the door- always PUT IT BACK there and lock the bathroom door


Please remove your shoes when going in, as the floor is white and a pain to clean 😉
There is a mop and broom near the sink if needed. Any marks need to be cleaned up before you leave or you will be charged an extra for cleaning fees

Once inside :

  • light switches are on your right when you get in
  • wifi code is on the black board on your left
  • bathroom is in the corridor; the key ison the wall near the door; ALWAYS put it back there and lock the bathroom door behind you


As it is often impossible for us to come and check the condition of the studio between each rental and find out who has broken the housekeeping rules, each person who rents is now responsible for documenting the condition of the studio and the room. bathroom on arrival and departure.

You must therefore:

on arrival, take pictures showing the space from different angles, to confirm that everything is tidy
you send them by text to 514-262-7808 with your name and booking hours OR by email to with the same information
when you leave, the same
Note that if you do not send these photos, you will automatically lose your security deposit.

We automatically add 15 minutes of time AT OUR COST to your booking so that you have time to take these photos.


  • The studio is 100% autonomous and will be free for you according to the hours you have reserved.
  • If there is no one there when you arrive, you can enter 5 minutes before the reserved time (your code will be active at that time). If you come in earlier, you will be charged an extra 30-min block.
  • If there is someone, do not hesitate to knock to let them know that you have arrived and that they must finish.
  • If you ever start late because the person before you was not done, please TEXT Sylviane the manager (no calls) at 514-262-7808 to see if you can stay later to make up for the delay (if not, we will adjust the price accordingly too.)
  • If you want to stay longer, text Sylviane too to see if it’s possible. If so, the amount will be deducted from your security deposit.
  • Remember that you also need to clean and tidy up the studio exactly as it was when you arrived, so plan your time accordingly.
  • You can leave up to 15 minutes after your booking without any penalty, so you have time to send is the photos of the place.


You can use all the equipment available in the studio B.  It is important to put the equipment back in its place when you finish. If you need specific equipment, write to us before the shoot to let you know if it is available.

If you need a flash trigger: it’s right in the middle of the white table, near the door when you enter.
It is universal and will trigger the flashes that have a small box in the back, in the power outlet (so you can move them from flash to flash depending on which you need).

WARNING: this trigger is very small and very easy to misplace, and regularly, someone leaves with it or replaces it in another place. Being small, it’s very difficult to find for the next rental after you.

So make sure you put it back in THE SAME PLACE when you leave, in the middle of the table. If it is not there for the next person, no matter where is it found, you will loose $100 from your security deposit.


There are 2 large backdrops in the studio you can use.

The white background is at the back of the studio, always set up. DO NOT move it or peel the tape off the floor.
Only unroll the bottom if you need to use it, then wrap it again at the end.

It is not perfectly white on the floor part, as people are not always careful when stepping on it, but it is possible to light it so that it does not show. Thoroughly clean the shoes before going on, and clean any marks made afterwards.

The black background is at the opposite, near the white table at the entrance. It is on a ceiling rail, so simply pull on it when you need it. Gently pull on it, as it is quite heavy. If it comes off, please take the stepladder and hang it up again.

Again, clean your shoes well so as not to leave marks on it.

There are many little notes all around the studio (don’t move, don’t touch, etc.). Please follow them.

Several pieces of furniture / decors are also available. The sets often change, so if you need something specific, please ask us before to make sure it’s still available.

  • You can move the furniture / accessories, BUT it is forbidden to drag the sofas / futons, you must absolutely be 2 and lift them. Any mark on the floor will incur costs which will be deducted from your security deposit. It is also important to replace them when you leave.
  • It is also prohibited to move / undo the false wood floors located in a few places in the studio.
  • You can move the curtains, frames, etc. but again, you have to put everything back as it was when you leave.
  • It is also forbidden to use tape (green, black, duct tape, etc.) on the floor, as this will tear off the paint.
  • It is forbidden to nail anything to the walls or remove the nails already present.
  • NO shoots with glitters or powder.


The bathroom is in the hallway opposite, but there is a sink in studio B (the water is good to drink).

The key is on the wall near the door in both studios. RETURN it to its place immediately and LOCK the door each time, or you will lose your deposit.

This bathroom is exclusive to us, so the person booking the studio is responsible for the cleanliness of this place, like the studio. Before you go, check to make sure your customers haven’t left anything behind or made a mess. You will lose your security deposit if it is not clean when you leave. If someone has clogged a toilet, there’s a water damage, or it’s not clean when you arrive, it’s important to text us immediately.

You should also send us a photo of the bathroom if you have used it. Otherwise tell us you didn’t use it when you send us the space photos.


Your booking gives you access to the STUDIO ONLY. It is strictly forbidden to film/shoot/hang out in the common areas, corridors, staircases or outside.  There are cameras all over the building, and you will lose your security deposit if you do not respect this rule.


The two spaces are next to each other and NOT soundproof.

Please keep the noise / music to a minimum and limit the number of people in the studio at the same time so as not to disturb those in the other space.

There is a sound system in Studio B to which you can plug your phone into near the microwave.  Your phone must have an audio outlet (for headphones) in order for it to work, or have the adaptor if  you have a new iphone.

  • Plug the long black wire (with the audio pin at the end) into your phone
  • Turn on the sound system
  • Press on the last grey button “VIDEO/AUX” on the left side
  • Play Spotify or another music app on your phone

There is no sound system in Studio A.

For videos: it is impossible to have complete silence in the studio, because we use LED lighting and we always hear the fans, which we cannot turn off. This space is therefore not suitable for filming where sound is important. On the other hand, with a directional microphone, it is possible to have good results.


You can eat at your leisure in the studio (microwave and fridge available), however, NO alcohol allowed. There is also a coffee machine in both spaces.

Pets are allowed in Studio B, as long as they don’t make noise and you clean up afterwards, if necessary.


Before leaving, you must absolutely replace the studio as it was when you arrived. 
Cleaning fees will be charged if you have to clean/tidy up after your shoot.

If you have a lot of trash, there are some extra garbage bags in the drawer under the sink in Studio B or in the kitchen in Studio A.  Just tie them up and leave them by the door when you leave, the cleaning crew will take care of it at the end of the day. DO NOT leave any trash outside the studio or the building.


The studio has finally air conditioning! During summer, on the table in Studio B or on the reception desk in Studio A,  you will see the remote to turn it on, if it is hot when you arrive. The device is on the wall.

Press the ON / OFF button to turn it on or off. Do NOT modify other configurations.

When you leave, it is ESSENTIAL TO TURN IT OFF, or you will lose your security deposit. Likewise, if it is ON when you arrive, please text Sylviane to notify her. Always leave the remote at its place, or you will lose your deposit too if it is misplaced.



  • Make sure the studio is clean and everything is in order
  • That the trigger for the flash and the remote for the AC are on the table
  • That the fan is off, if you have used it
  • That the key for the bathroom is at its place
  • That you have sent the photos of the space
  • Turn off the lights and make sure the door is locked behind you



We will refund the deposit 2-3 days after the shoot, once we have verified that everything is fine in the studio and that you have respected the rental time.

You can also cancel your rental up to 48 hours before the booking time free of charge, via your account on directly. Sometimes, however, the refund is not automatic, so if you haven’t received anything within 48 hours, please send us an email.

Past 48h, we will refund the deposit, but not the rental costs, because we are unable to re-rent the space with so little notice.

If you have any other questions during the shoot, feel free to text Sylviane at the number listed above, or email us here before.


Have a good shoot!