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The Studio B is a large studio space, WITHOUT natural light. It offers several sets, furniture and accessories, a large white and a black backdrop, photo and video equipment, a small kitchen area, and a large conference table that can be used for preparation and makeup.

Studio B


Many sets & backdrops
No natural light


1000 s.f. with 10′ ceiling


7 days a week, 8am to 7h30pm


included, for photo and video shoots

Studio B is recommended for…

  • photos on a white or black backdrop
  • photos of products (mannequin available)
  • photo shoots with various sets and accessories

STUDIO B offers:

  • sink
  • steamer & clothes rack
  • life-size mannequin
  • sound system to plug phone
  • photo & video equipment (see below)
  • many sets : fake brick wall, black wall and wood floor, vintage wallpaper, urban decor

In this space, THERE IS NO :

  • natural light

** WARNING ** 

The studio is NOT SOUNDPROOF, it is therefore possible that you hear noise from the space next door.  In addition, the ventilation system creates a background noise that cannot be controlled. Video shooting where ambient sound is important is not recommended in this space.


For more updated photos (sets often change), follow us on Instagram : Le402_studio



For the occasional visitor, no membership required
  • 35$/hour
  • Available  7  days a week
  • Security deposit required


For the photographer who rents more often
  • Annual membership 150$/year
  • Rebate of 50% on all rental costs
  • Security deposit required (one time)

** WARNING ** 

You will receive an email shortly after your booking with all the instructions for the space, as well as the code for the door, if our customer service is closed when you come. It is your responsibility to contact us if you do NOT receive this email to let us know, so we can send it back (some “hotmail” addresses seem to block our emails, lately…)

A ton of costumes and accessories

Do you lack inspiration for your shoot? Or do not want to spend a ton of money on accessories that you will only use once?

Studio Le402 and The Creative Weekends, an organization whose mission is to encourage the creativity of amateur and emerging photographers and models, are now partners and offer you the opportunity to discover their fabulous wardrobe with a thousand and one treasures ….

For an additional fee, you will have access to a ton of items to enhance your shoot:

  • women’s clothing from all kinds and all sizes (lingerie, fashion, corporate, vintage, etc.)
  • shoes / boots,
  • wigs, hats & hair accessories
  • belts, scarves, glasses, jewelry, etc.

This option is NOT available at the moment because of Covid restrictions.

An great children corner …

If you are doing newborn photo sessions, Smash-the-cake, children or family sessions, the studio offers a perfect kid’s corner for you.

To keep them occupied while you talk with parents, a safe corner with blocks, books and a multitude of toys is at your disposal. Many backgrounds (wood, white, blue, gold, etc.) are also available, which you can decorate with a multitude of banners for Smash-the-cake shoots.

Several baskets with blankets are also available for your newborn sessions, as well as mini chairs, newborn hats, storybooks, blackboard for the older ones, etc.

When the holiday season comes, many Christmas accessories are also available on request.  And all of this is included with your booking, without any additional cost!


With any rental, the following equipment is available. We consider that you know how to use them, so any breakage or misuse resulting in a breakage will be charged to you.


  • 1x 300W-strobe with octogonal softbox 55”

  • 1x 400W-strobe with rectangular softbox 32”x44” 

  • 2x 180W-strobe with small softbox 24”x36”

  • 2x  video lamp 500W


  • 1 snoot
  • 1 “barn door

  • 1 reflector (gold & silver)
  • tent for products (on request)

  • universal trigger for strobes


  • All bookings are made online only (NOT by phone).
  • The studio is 100% autonomous and automated. When booking, you must enter a valid cell number, which you need to have with you during the shoot, in case we need to reach you.  You will also receive an email shortly after, with the code for the door, at least 24h before the shoot.  This is a unique code, which will only be valid for the hours you have scheduled, so be ACCURATE when making your reservation.
  • The studio rules will also be sent  to you with the code.  You agree to respect these rules when booking.
  • The price of the booking must be paid in full, by Paypal, when booking.  You will notice a security deposit of 200$ added to the total on your bill.  If you respect your rental hours, clean / replace the studio and if nothing is broken, the deposit will be fully refunded, otherwise the additional costs will be deducted.
  • Refund Policy: if you cancel more than 48 hours to In advance, your payment will be refunded completely. You must notify us of the cancellation by email at info@le402.com.  Less than 48h, only the deposit will be refunded, as we cannot re-book the space with such short notice.
  • Rental time: you can occupy the studio according to the hours you have reserved. You can enter the studio 5 minutes before the time you have reserved and leave maximum 5 minutes after the departure time you have determined. Do not forget to include your time of preparation, shoot and cleaning during your reservation.  Any extra time will be charged at the standard rate, by 30-minute blocks.
  • We ask that you clean and replace the studio after your session as it was at your arrival. 
  • No alcohol, smoking pot or cigarette in the studio, but you can eat at your leisure;  Animals are welcome, as long as you keep them in the studio and they do not make noise / damage;
  • No smog machine,.
  • The studio is not soundproof, we ask you to be as discreet as possible and keep the music to a minimum.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to go photographing / filming in the common areas.