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If you are often on the road, do not have a permanent address where to get your mail delivered, would like to use our address as your own place of business, or simply want to avoid getting customers at your door on Saturday mornings, Espace Le402 offers you a virtual office service, with a few options :

Forwarding option

If you get some mail, we will send your letters to the address of your choice, abroad or locally.


Scan + deliver option

We can scan your letters and send them to you by email in PDF, then mail them to you to the address of your choice.

Scan + destroy option

We can scan your letters and send them to you by email in PDF, then shred and destroy them safely.

The exact address will be sent to you once you register.  We are located on rue Fleury, our business exists since 2013, it is easily accessible and easy to find on search engines. 

If ever clients come by to see you, we will tell them you are not present at the moment and they need to contact you to schedule an appointment.  We NEVER give out your personal information to anyone, we only refer them to your website so that they can contact you.

The membership is annual or monthly, as you choose, and requires no commitment from you, you can cancel anytime via your account.

Contact us if you have questions, or click below to subscribe.

Virtual Office Package

Base price for the service :
15$/month or 135$/year

The plan includes :

  • the use of our address as your place of business, on your website, business cards, etc.,
  • the domiciliation service, with one of two options
  • access to our conference room as a member to meet your customers.

A registration fee of $25 will also be charged at the time of subscription, from which  we will deduct any future delivery or scan. When the balance gets close to 0$, we will advise you to purchase a new delivery plan.  Please note that this plan is not refundable if you cancel your service.

Options to choose from :

  • Delivery option : to the address of your choice; $ 1 / envelope + stamp price; for parcels, we will contact you by email to know the desired delivery method
  • Scan option: $ 1 / page; destruction of the documents afterwards or delivery to the address of your choice (the same fees as the delivery service apply)


Beware if you deliver parcels to our address.  Our mailbox is fairly small, so anything bigger than 4″x 4″ might not fit. Our receptionnist does not have a fixed schedule either, so she might not always be present to sign and receive deliveries, and sometimes, delivery people leave the parcels at another office in the building and it gets very complicated to locate them.  Amazon often also leaves the parcels outside next to our door, which is not very safe, either.

Also, we cannot pay for custom fees that are higher than what is left on your delivery plan, so please avoid them.

We recommend that you do not get parcels delivered at our address, only letters.


How much will I REALLY pay per month?

It depends on how much mail you receive in a month. The service itself is $15 + taxes per month. If you do not receive any letter, this will be your price. If you receive letters, for each envelope, add 1$ (for labels, envelopes, etc.) + the price of the stamp. If it is a big package, we will advise you to ask you which delivery service you prefer, with the costs involved. If you chose the scan option, the cost will be 1$/page + delivery fees if you chose that option.

How to subscribe?

By clicking here for monthly membership or here for annual membership, and adding the item “virtual office” to your basket. You can pay by Paypal, Stripe or with your credit card. The payment is recurring, so you will be billed each month until you cancel your subscription (you can cancel it yourself by logging in your account).

Can I pick up my mail myself?

Not at the moment. Since the space is a coworking area with lots of people going around, and not always someone at the reception to meet you. For security reason, we prefer that our staff handles all the mail and forward it to you or send you a scan.  If you are waiting for an urgent letter though, exceptionally, you could come pick it up at the office, email us beforehand to discuss it if this happens.

How will I pay for shipping costs when I receive letters/parcels?

When you subscribe to a plan, a $25-registration fee will be charged once, which will actually be used as a pre-payment for future deliveries / scans. For each delivery, the cost will simply be deducted from this prepaid amount. You will be notified when your balance gets close to 0$, and you will need to purchase a new plan.  Please note that this plan is not refundable if you cancel the service.


Payments are made through your Paypal or Stripe account, so it is important to keep your payment method up to date in that account.

If the payment is denied: you will be notified by email, and a 10$-fee will be deducted from your delivery plan. You will then have to log in your Paypal or Stripe account and make the requested updates.  The system will try to pass the payment again 2-3 days after.

If the payment is denied a second time: your subscription will be automatically canceled, you will lose your delivery plan and you will have to re-subscribe again (annual membership) if you want to continue the service.

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