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10$ /month (from)
Virtual mailing address
Mail forwarding
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Virtual receptionist (soon)
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Your virtual office place….

If you are often on the road, do not have a permanent address where to get your mail delivered, would like to use our address as your own place of business, or simply want to avoid getting customers at your door on Saturday mornings, Espace Le402 offers you a virtual office service and the possibility to forward your mail to the address of your choice, abroad or locally.

We can also scan your letters ($ 1 / page) and send them to you by email, shred them safely afterwards, and recycle useless ads.  We also store your letters or small parcels for a few days, and you can pick them up yourself at our office for free.

Our address exists since 2013, it is easily accessible and easy to find on search engines. We can also offer you the use of our conference room with wifi if you want to meet customers.

The service ($10/month + taxes, plus shipping fees) does not require any commitment, you can cancel your subscription anytime.  Once you cancel the service, we will return any letters addressed to you to the senders.

When you sign up, you will notice a $25 registration fee. These fees will cover the cost of your future scans, deliveries or storage. When your balance drops to  0$, we will notify you by email and you will need to purchase a new pre-paid plan. This plan is not refundable in case of cancellation of the service.


The size of our mailbox (and our space) being limited, we cannot accept large parcels (max 4″x 4″ x 4 “).  The mailman/delivery guy might bring the big boxes to our office directly, but by experience, this is not guaranteed and you might end up having to go pick them up directly at the post office (as we do not have the authority to pick them up for you).  It is therefore up to you to take the risk if you want, but we will not be responsible for large parcels delivery.

When you receive a parcel and have chosen the “delivery option”, we will email you to know which delivery method you prefer.  If you selected the “pickup option”, we will also  notify you of the arrival of the package, and you will have 3 days to pick it up, otherwise a 1$-a-day fee (per parcel) will be charged and deducted from your pre-paid plan.

For letters, you also have 7 business days to pick them up, otherwise a $1-fee per day will be charged.

Contact us if you have questions, or click below to subscribe.


How much will I REALLY pay per month?

It depends on how much mail you receive in a month. The service itself is $10 + taxes. If you do not receive any letter, this will be your price. If you receive letters, for each envelope, add $0.50 (for labels, envelopes, etc.) + the price of the stamp. If it is a big package, we will advise you to ask you which delivery service you prefer, with the costs involved.

How to subscribe?

By clicking here, and adding the item “virtual office” to your basket. You can pay by Paypal, or with your credit card. The payment is recurring, so you will be billed each month until you cancel your subscription (you can cancel it yourself by logging in your account).

Can we scan letters instead of mailing them?

Yes, we can scan the letter and send it to you by email. A 1$-fee per page will be charged and deducted from your pre-paid plan.

Can I pick up my mail myself?

Absolutely. You can pick up your letters between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays). We will notify you by email that you have received mail. Due to the large number of customers, we store your letters free of charge for 7 business days. Thereafter, a charge of $ 1/day/letter will be charged (and we might suggest a switch to the “delivery” service instead). For packages, you must pick them up within 3 business days, or $1/parcel per day will be charged. See the note above for restrictions and maximum sizes.

How will I pay for shipping costs when I receive letters/parcels?

When you subscribe to a plan, a $25-registration fee will be charged once, which will actually be used as a pre-payment for future deliveries / scans / storage. For each delivery, the cost will simply be deducted from this prepaid amount. You will be notified when your balance drops to 0$, and you will need to purchase a new plan.