Rent our photo studio

Available May 30!

Many photo studios are available for rent all over Montreal … but often at prices which, while adequate for large commercial projects, can hurt those new to the artistic world.

Whether you are a photographer who is starting in the artistic world, the next generation of artist who wants to build a first portfolio, artists who simply want to create, fashion designers who are launching their first collection, startups having to shoot products, or bloggers wishing to film a web capsule,  Studio 402 exists for you.

The studio offers you :

  • 1500 sf of space
  • natural light
  • variety of sets and furniture to use (boudoir, kids, corpo, etc.)
  • studio equipment included (2 flash et softbox + universal flash trigger)
  • conference room (often used as makeup room)
  • complete private bathroom
  • accès à la cuisine (free coffee!)

For you, who have a simple personal project, an idea for a creative shoot, a small video to shoot … For you who want to have access to a large space instead of doing the shoot in your living room … We understand that you often have crazy hours, maybe another full time job …. that’s why the studio is now 100% self-sufficient and is open 7 days a week, so you can come when your schedule allows it. For a few hours or a day, depending on your needs.


(if you rent only occasionally)

3h-blocks or full day
250$ deposit for each booking
studio equipment included
Available 7/7
100$ for a 3h-block,  225$ for full day


(if you rent more than 3h/month)

membership of 25$/month (min. 3 months) *
more flexible rental time (2h and more
unique 250$ deposit
studio equipment included
available 7/7

* mandatory meeting before first booking to visit the space and understand the rules


  • All bookings are made online only (NOT by phone).
  • The studio is 100% autonomous and automated. When booking, you must enter a valid cell number, which you need to have with you during the shoot, in case we need to reach you and where you will get the code for the door.  This is a unique code, which will only be valid for the hours you have scheduled, so be ACCURATE when making your reservation.
  • The studio rules will also be sent to you with the code. You agree to respect these rules when booking.
  • The price of the booking must be paid in full, by Paypal/Stripe, when booking. You will notice a security deposit added to the total on your bill. If you respect your rental hours, clean / replace the studio and if nothing is broken, the deposit will be fully refunded, otherwise the additional costs will be deducted.
  • Refund Policy: if you cancel more than 48 hours to In advance, your payment will be refunded completely. You must notify us of the cancellation by email at Less than 48h, only the deposit will be refunded, as we cannot re-book the space with such short notice.
  • Rental time: you can occupy the studio according to the hours you have reserved. You can enter the studio 5 minutes before the time you have reserved and leave maximum 5 minutes after the departure time you have determined. Do not forget to include your time of preparation, shoot and cleaning during your reservation. Any extra time will be charged at the standard rate, by 30-minute blocks.
  • We ask that you clean and replace the studio after your session as it was at your arrival.
  • No alcoholsmoking pot or cigarette in the studio, but you can eat at your leisure.  Animals are welcome, as long as you keep them in the studio and they do not make noise / damage;
  • No smog machine, glitters or powder.