Rent our photo studio

Many photo studios are available for rent all over Montreal… but often at prices that, although adequate for large commercial projects, can hurt those who are new to the artistic world.

Whether you are photographers just starting out in photography, the next generation of artists who want to build their first portfolio, artists who simply want to create, fashion designers launching their first collection, startups needing to shoot products, or bloggers wishing to film a web capsule, Studio Le402 exists for you.



The studio is part of our Creative Space, a large open space on the ground floor of a commercial duplex.

The studio offers you:

  • 1500 sf of space, with 8’6″ ceilings
  • natural light
  • various backgrounds and decors (boudoir, kids, corporate, etc.)
  • photo equipment included (2 flashes and softbox + universal trigger), possibility of having access to other equipment on request ($)
  • private makeup and preparation room
  • various seamless paper backgrounds ($)
  • complete and private bathroom
  • access to the kitchen (with coffee!)

The use of the studio is exclusive to you during your shoot, no one else shoots at the same time as you. Our studio manager is present on an irregular basis, so she may be able to welcome you, but if not, the studio is 100% autonomous, you will have a unique code for the door, and our Studio Guide will will be sent before your booking so you know where to find everything and how to properly plan your visit.

The Studio Space

For those who need limited sets, but rather a large shooting space, this corner in the open area is available with paper backdrops ($) and white brick wall.


  • White, black or gray seamless, as well as many others on request
  • Photo equipment included
  • Natural light or studio flash


  • business portrait
  • shoot on plain backdrop without distraction
  • artistic nude on black or white

The Lounge

Take a break between clients, chat with them or take some corporate shots in this relaxed corner with beautiful natural light.


  • Modern decor with large L-shaped sofa
  • TV with Chromecast (to entertain the kids – or the parents!)
  • Beautiful natural light


  • chat with your clients
  • take a break between 2 shoots
  • entertain kids
  • business or casual shoot

The Boudoir Space

Located right next to a large window with lots of natural light (especially in AM), this corner offers you a bedroom decor, with a double bed, nightstand and various decorations.

An opaque blind allows you to completely block out light if desired, and translucent curtains allow you to achieve different effects.

You can also completely transform the look by using our black V-Flats behind the bed for a much darker and more muted vibe.

A brick wall is right next to it, and various chairs are available to change the look a bit.


  • double bed with sheets, pillows and pale throw
  • various rugs, comforters or pillows to change the look
  • veil hanging from the ceiling for a romantic look


  • Boudoir and sexy shootings
  • Maternity shoots

Dark Glamour

If you want a darker corner, further away from the windows, giving a cozy, mysterious or more glam atmosphere, we have a small corner painted black for you.

Add various chairs or armchairs to complete the look.


  • black corner wall with woodwork
  • various chairs or armchairs to modify the look


  • Dark Boudoir
  • Maternity sessions
  • Low key portraits

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The Kids Space

As much for keeping the children busy while you talk to the parents, as for a children’s shoot, a family session or a Smash-the-Cake shoot, this corner offers various toys, varied and colorful paper backgrounds, stuffed animals, and several accessories.

A large plexiglass also helps prevent damage during Smash-the-cake shoots.


  • Family or kids shoots
  • Smash-the-cake” shoots

The Newborn Space

Perfect for your newborn or baby shoots, this corner offers you natural light, a bean bag to position baby well and a metal support to hang your backdrops.

Many accessories are also available.


  • Many paper backdrops available
  • Baskets, blankets & wraps
  • Hats
  • Plush animals & teddies
  • Cubes & blocks


  • Newborn shootings
  • baby photos

Blocks & cubes




Hats & kits


Wraps & nests



  • half day AM (8am to noon) OR half day PM (1pm to 5pm)
  • full day (8 a.m., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • by the hour, for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, at any time during the day
  • $250 deposit required when booking
  • studio equipment included with your rental
  • seamless paper backgrounds available (extra $)
  • available 7/7, 8am to 8pm
  • minimum 48 hours in advance to book

by the hour: 30$/h
half-day AM or PM (4h) : 75$
full day (8h) : 125$
photo equipment (2 softbox + trigger): included

seamless paper: +25$ per backdrop
video ligh: +25$
extra photo equipment photo: by request


  • All bookings are made online only (NOT by phone).
  • The studio is 100% autonomous and automated. When booking, you must enter a valid cell number, which you need to have with you during the shoot, in case we need to reach you and where you will get the code for the door. This is a unique code, which will only be valid for the hours you have scheduled, so be ACCURATE when making your reservation.
  • The studio rules will also be sent to you with the code. You agree to respect these rules when booking.
  • The price of the booking must be paid in full, by credit card, when booking. You will notice a security deposit added to the total on your bill. If you respect your rental hours, clean / replace the studio and if nothing is broken, the deposit will be fully refunded, otherwise the additional costs will be deducted.
  • Refund Policy: if you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, your payment will be refunded completely.
  • You must notify us of the cancellation by email at Less than 48h, only the deposit will be refunded, as we cannot re-book the space with such short notice.
  • Rental time: you can occupy the studio according to the hours you have reserved. You can enter the studio no more than 5 minutes before the time you have reserved it and leave maximum 5 minutes after the departure time you have determined. Do not forget to include your time of preparation, shoot and cleaning during your reservation. Any extra time will be charged at the standard rate, by 1-hour blocks.
  • We ask that you clean and replace the studio after your session as it was at your arrival.
  • No alcohol, smoking pot or cigarette in the studio, but you can eat at your leisure.
  • No smog machine, glitters or powder.

Click here to view our Studio Guide.



We are now renting the studio with themed sets!

Each month, we offer you 2 or 3 themed sets with backgrounds, accessories and even clothes for children’s shoots.

Christmas Magic, Scary Halloween, Back to School, Happy Lemonade, whatever the season, no need to go buy a ton of accessories that you will only use once a year, we provide them to you!

Simply ask to rent the studio with the monthly theme kit.


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