TERMS OF USE : Virtual office

By subscribing to the Virtual Office Service, you agree to the following terms.


The service is offered for individuals or registered companies. One subscription is required PER company.

The service is on a monthly basis and does not requires any commitment, it is possible to cancel the subscription at any time, via your account on le402.com. Following the cancellation, any letter / parcel in your name will be returned to the sender with the mention “moved”.

Upon subscription, a registration fee of $ 25 will be charged. These fees will cover the cost of scans, deliveries or future storage. When your balance drops below $5, you will be notified by email and will need to purchase a new pre-paid plan. This plan is not refundable in case of cancellation of the service.



It is your responsibility to send us, at the time of subscription, all the commercial / legal names of the company, as well as the shareholders / owners who could receive mail in their name. Any mail with a name that is NOT on the list will be sent back to the sender.

You must also notify us by email if, during your subscription, other names are added, or if your address changes. We do NOT receive changes you make in your account.



The delivery of parcels requiring the payment of custom fees is not advisable, because we cannot pay fees exceeding the balance of your delivery plan.



If you choose the Delivery option:

When letters arrive for you, they will be sent to the address indicated at registration. A 1$ fee + stamp cost will be deducted from your delivery plan for each shipment, and you will be notified by email when time comes to buy a new one.

If we receive packages, an email will be sent to you to find out what type of delivery you want.  Please note that we have very limited space and we cannot keep big parcel for long, or storage fees will be deducted from your plan.

If you have chosen the Scan option:

By choosing this option, you authorize us to open the letters for you. When we receive it, we will notify you by email at the address indicated during registration, and send you an PDF image of the letter.  You can also choose to have the letters delivered to you after.  If not, the letters will be destroyed.

A 1$ fee per page will be deducted from your delivery plan, as well as any shipping fees if you add the shipping option.  You will be notified by email when time comes to buy a new plan.



Payments are made through your Paypal or Stripe account, so it is important to keep your payment method up to date in that account.

If the payment is denied: you will be notified by email, and a 10$-fee will be deducted from your delivery plan. You will then have to log in your Paypal/Stripe account and make the requested updates.

If the payment is denied a second time: your subscription will be automatically canceled by the system, you will lose your delivery plan and you will have to re-subscribe again if you want to continue the service.

TERMS OF USE : Studio Rental

When renting the studio, you agree to follow the rules.

You will receive a code for the door by text prior to your rental, as well as a link to our “Studio Guide”.  Please read it carefully and follow the rules and instructions, as you may loose your security deposit if not.

You can view the guide here : https://le402.com/en/studio-guide/

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